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Welcome to Zombie Games Arcade. If you like online zombie games, you have come to the right place as that is the only type of games that we have here.  Many of the games on this site are high score zombie games so that you can compete with others over the web. Additionally, we have a lot of zombie games videos that you can watch.  Thanks for visiting and come back often!

Online Zombie Games


Zombies4Hire Supermarke... (1748 plays)

Bowl for your life in this zombie bowling game.


Zombified (1870 plays)

May the zombies pay for converting your girlfriend into a zo...


Gnome N Zombies (1487 plays)

You have to help your Gnome kill as many zombies as he pos...


Dying Hope (3364 plays)

Try to survive the never ending waves of attacking zombies i...


Zombie Shooting Gallery (4526 plays)

A high score zombie target game where all of the targets in ...


Zombi Attack (1315 plays)

You have been attacked by a hungry horde of zombies from un...


Jungle Zombie (4004 plays)

Defend your jungle island again the zombies who are bent on ...


Zombie Ramming (2160 plays)

In this zombie ramming game you must defend against the wav...


Zombie Attack (4279 plays)

Defend yourself aginst the zombies by shooting all of them t...


Zombies vs Soldiers 3D (2345 plays)

Another great 3D zombie shooter game. Take out all of the zo...


Zombie Zone Sniper Kill... (1702 plays)

In this zombie sniping game use your sniper rifle to take ou...


The Serum (1902 plays)

Help to eleminate all of the zombies in the serum zombie gam...


Bleeding Zombies (1272 plays)

Zombies are on the rampage again during themiddle of the n...


Zombie 3D Invasion (1491 plays)

In this zombie invasion game you must kill off the the appr...


Zombie Evil 3D (1775 plays)

You need to save the city from the zombie pandemic that has ...


Kill Them All (1914 plays)

Take revenge out on the zombies for them killing all or your...


Zombie Buster (2139 plays)

There are ten levels in of game play in this zombie game. Ea...


Zombie Apocalypse Left ... (6342 plays)

In this high score top down zombie shooter you have over tw...


Zombies vs SWAT 3D (2610 plays)

Its the zombies versus the swat team in this fun shooting zo...


Kill All Zombies (5623 plays)

In this zombie driving game you must use your hot rod to run...

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Some Fun Zombie Facts

The Origins of Zombies

Zombies can trace their pedigree back to the Caribbean island of Haiti. It was from there that Voodoo Priests were believed to be able reanimate human corpses by using magic spells and potions. In some of the zombie flash games on this site, you will notice a variety of looks and characteristics. 

How fast a Zombie walks

Zombies in general are slow walkers. This however, does not mean that they are not dangerous. Consider the fact that they are dead after all, thus they never get tired, so at some point when you have to stop and rest, they will still be walking after you. The zombie survival games here have a mixture of slow walking zombies as well as fast walking ones.

You can get infected by Zombie

Take care to never be bitten by a Zombie as you will run the risk of getting infected and becoming a zombie yourself.

Zombies are not that bright

As a general rule, zombies are not  very smart, even the ones that were former doctors or professors. This fact may have something to do with the zombification process. 

Zombies are dirty

Well,  zombies are after all the walking dead, so it kind of goes without saying that they are not very clean and are somewhat stinky.

Zombies can be killed

This sounds a little strange, since zombies are already the walking dead, but it has been proven that a well placed headshot will put a zombie down for good. Some of the zombie killing games on this website allow you to take a zombie out without a headshot.


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