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Help us make the Tobuscus game! LIMITED TIME TobyGames Lootcrate! New Tobuscus Adventures! Thanks for helping :) This game is going to be amazing. Free Netflix for Audience! Tobuscus Shirts (US) Shirts (EU) Audience, your dreams have really come true. Finally, the Tobuscus Adventures Game has arrived. Almost. With the power of crowd funding, you can make the best iPhone game to never happen, happen. Toby Turner is making a free game available for mobile devices. All you need to do is visit the indiegogo campaign page and see which of the awesome Tobuscus adventures game related perks you'd like to hold in your happy little gaming hands! DONATE TO THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN HERE FOR FUN PERKS! Signed DRW posters! Join the Audience!! Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! Outro Music "Gimme That" by DJ Alex S. Get it on iTunes! ------------------------------------------- Sign up for a Gamefly free trial HERE - Playlists: Main Channel - Daily Vlogs - © 2013 Tobuscus

  1. For all the people saying this was a scam becautilize it's been a little over a year since he started raising the money for it...You realize most professional study frustratede games can choose well over a year to complete, right? There's a lot of games that don't acquire depleteed for two or three years. There's besides the issue of a game sitting in developmental #$@! for an extended period of time. It moreover doesn't assist if it's a minor studio and/or not extremely a studio at all (just a few mercenary developers he hired to build the game).You all act similarly this game should have been incensede within a month of it being announced. Seriously, game development isn't an instant gratification thing. It selects time, money, and a lot of work.So no offense, still shut up.
  2. Almost 3/4 of a million dollars selectn from your fans and you still haven't enragede your #$@!ty game yet? Also "I such as to include video game references from whatever game I am playing when I am writing the Tobuscus Adventures episodes", no. The correct thing to say for you would be: "I similar to include video game references from whatever game is sponsoring me and giving me money when I am writing the Tobuscus Adventures episodes"
  3. I thought we already reached our goal to acquire the game started? Obviously it's a scam or else the game would be out by now...
  4. Okay mans, let's obtain this straight almost the game. Since it's coming out for iOS and Android, that means that they have to operate two seperate programming languages to build it (iOS requires Objective-C, though Android accepts Java and C). Objective-C is a very complicated proramming language, which increases the time, and Java has a whole crap-ton of security holes, which means that even if the actual game was consumeed, it would probably capture several more months to patch the security. Plus, a lot of Toby's ideas would be pretty harsh to implement, so that extends the time by an extra few months... I would guess that it probably won't be out until mid to late 2015.
  5. I conceive the game is only for the US. I was looking forward to it. Never mind...
  6. Where the game
  7. so glad that he plays magic the gathering
  8. When will the game be released?
  9. Did this come out?
  10. Will the game be free
  11. for yall hating caoperate the freaking game aint come out yet just shut up could you genuinely assemble a game prompter than the pros oh no i didnt reflect so
  12. So, have I missed something? It has been a year and I can't recall hearing any currents approximately this game for a loooong time. I'm formda patient yet truly curious :P
  13. When's ur coming out? Becuz I I heard approaching it a long time ago
  14. Ah, Scambuscus. Lying piece of crap.
  15. Hey idiots guess what, a game doesn't magically appear once the end goal concludeed he said he could assemble it playable by Halloween yet he never stated which Halloween :PBut yes surprise, games aren't effortless to assemble, it endures way more than a few months to produce a game, more similarly years, first of all the game is for ios and Android meaning 2 separate languages for one game afterward there's the other fact they need animators which even the most skilled animators can't construct 20 animations in less than a month, later there's the other fact that tobys ideas are over the top which extends the time even more. Now wait for the game and stop whining
  16. It's just such as smosh's BS game campaign just to receive money
  17. 1:30 look even the his dog realizes! (Can't remember how to spell the dogs name)
  18. Please assemble it free for android and please if u raise enough as well as please build a free hd version for android tablets
  19. donate for griffin
  20. Ok let's achieve this straight Angry Birds took Rovio over 1000 tries to receive it right and they're a whole professional studio, now let's look at Toby he's a man who craves to produce a game FOR his fans so he hired a not Rovio though so It is probably going to choose him a while to build the game. It's not a drag and click game you have to program the potions spells zombies etc. do you realize how many zombies there are? Even once they're done with that they have to polish the game to assemble it look satisfactory. I'm moreover disappointed that the game hasn't come out yet, nevertheless threatening him and calling him names isn't going to support. I hope you notice how much effort goes into making a game.
  21. Please manufacture the game for formle fire he. Please
  23. Is the game out yet and do we have to pay for it?
  25. Is this game even Ganna come out?

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