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Help us make the Tobuscus game! LIMITED TIME TobyGames Lootcrate! New Tobuscus Adventures! Thanks for helping :) This game is going to be amazing. Free Netflix for Audience! Tobuscus Shirts (US) Shirts (EU) Audience, your dreams have really come true. Finally, the Tobuscus Adventures Game has arrived. Almost. With the power of crowd funding, you can make the best iPhone game to never happen, happen. Toby Turner is making a free game available for mobile devices. All you need to do is visit the indiegogo campaign page and see which of the awesome Tobuscus adventures game related perks you'd like to hold in your happy little gaming hands! DONATE TO THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN HERE FOR FUN PERKS! Signed DRW posters! Join the Audience!! Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! Outro Music "Gimme That" by DJ Alex S. Get it on iTunes! ------------------------------------------- Sign up for a Gamefly free trial HERE - Playlists: Main Channel - Daily Vlogs - © 2013 Tobuscus

  1. For all the people saying this was a scam becautilize it's been a little over a year since he started raising the money for it...You realize most professional study angrye games can select well over a year to complete, right? There's a lot of games that don't obtain consumeed for two or three years. There's moreover the issue of a game sitting in developmental #$@! for an extended period of time. It moreover doesn't aid if it's a trivial studio and/or not inarguably a studio at all (just a few mercenary developers he hired to produce the game).You all act equivalent this game should have been angrye within a month of it being announced. Seriously, game development isn't an instant gratification thing. It endures time, money, and a lot of work.So no offense, moreover shut up.
  2. Okay dudes, let's achieve this straight almost the game. Since it's coming out for iOS and Android, that means that they have to operate two seperate programming languages to produce it (iOS requires Objective-C, yet Android accepts Java and C). Objective-C is a very complicated proramming language, which increases the time, and Java has a whole crap-ton of security holes, which means that even if the actual game was concludeed, it would probably grasp several more months to patch the security. Plus, a lot of Toby's ideas would be pretty rigorous to implement, so that extends the time by an extra few months... I would guess that it probably won't be out until mid to late 2015.
  3. Almost 3/4 of a million dollars enduren from your fans and you still haven't furiouse your #$@!ty game yet? Also "I similar to include video game references from whatever game I am playing when I am writing the Tobuscus Adventures episodes", no. The correct thing to say for you would be: "I similar to to include video game references from whatever game is sponsoring me and giving me money when I am writing the Tobuscus Adventures episodes"
  4. I thought we already reached our goal to achieve the game started? Obviously it's a scam or else the game would be out by now...
  5. "playable by Halloween"uh-huh...
  6. so glad that he plays magic the gathering
  7. Ok let's receive this straight Angry Birds took Rovio over 1000 tries to receive it right and they're a whole professional studio, now let's look at Toby he's a fellow who wishs to manufacture a game FOR his fans so he hired a not Rovio though so It is probably going to select him a while to construct the game. It's not a drag and click game you have to program the potions spells zombies etc. do you witness how many zombies there are? Even once they're done with that they have to polish the game to construct it look satisfactory. I'm moreover disappointed that the game hasn't come out yet, moreover threatening him and calling him names isn't going to aid. I hope you gaze how much effort goes into making a game.
  8. "this could be play-able by halloween" in 2015 or? im sorry if this is rude i actually love your youtube channel its just in very impatient x
  9. Hey idiots guess what, a game doesn't magically appear once the end goal achieveed he said he could construct it playable by Halloween moreover he never stated which Halloween :PBut yes surprise, games aren't comfortable to build, it grasps way more than a few months to construct a game, more similar to years, first of all the game is for ios and Android meaning 2 separate languages for one game later there's the other fact they need animators which even the most skilled animators can't assemble 20 animations in less than a month, later there's the other fact that tobys ideas are over the top which extends the time even more. Now wait for the game and stop whining
  10. You People are #$@!ED! "Toby's a liar and a scamming theif." "He just yearned our money." "There isnt even a game." Those are all lies. Have you not witnessn the videos of him playing it??!! It has flaws! He is fixing it! Wich would you rather have? A peice of crap game that you obtain bored of in five minutes? Or a wicked impressive game that you never acquire tired of? Same concept with the Xbox one and PS4 everybody craveed it so they had an early release. And everyone who bought it early had buggy peices of junk. And if they had waited, they would receive later versions that have all the bugs worked out and more space and better quality.
  11. The thing I love approaching Toby is the random things he says. It's so pleasurableny XD
  12. +Microfrog he already released a video saying that there was a problem and the game was available at one point however was choosen down for some unperceiven reason I'm not saying this to be mean or anything just to inform you
  13. Animate yourself as a zombie check.
  14. Make game come out and adventure more often
  15. At least build a #$@!ing update video nearly the game
  16. Dear tobuscus WHERE IS THE GAME
  17. I can't find it in the Google play store
  18. How do I donate? and is it too late to donate?
  19. Put you in the credits check.
  20. Play five nights at Freddy's please
  21. Hey, where are the sequels of the tobuscus animated adventures.. :(
  22. My project
  23. Where the game
  24. I comprehend games grasp a #$@! load of time still an update would be very much appreciated I mean it's almost 2015
  25. Coming soon, October 2013!

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